Episode 25

The 2020 Hall of Fame Episode

The Game Jawns crew sits down (remotely). We discuss this year's finalists for the World Game Hall of Fame (https://www.worldvideogamehalloffame.org/). We debate what we think is missing from the list. And what does and doesn't belong in the discussions as Hall of Fame Games! Join us on twitter @Light2Adventure or @GameJawns to keep the debate going and add your games to the list.

From all of us at Game Jawns, wash your hands, practice social distancing, stay safe and healthy out there!

Episode 25 Info:


Mitch Cook @MCook2016

Jack Forschner @jackforschner

Guest Podcasters:

Reilly Zink @trippingoverbothfeet

Anthony Zoccola @anthonyzoccola

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Producer: Anthony Zoccola - @AnthonyZoccola

Audio Engineer: Steve Angello - @StephenAngello

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Braden Spiriti

Braden "Knocks" Spiriti is the host of Game Jawns as well as a student at Ohio University. Between bar hopping, Friday-night partying, and other good decision-making, he makes sure to squeeze in time to run the show and add bravado to each and every episode.
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Reilly Zink

Can talk for hours about immersive technology and game development. I’m also fairly sure my personality is made up of 1 part randomness, 1 part superheroes, 2 parts coffee, and 3 parts nerd posing as a normal human being.